We’ve entered the Twilight Zone

Sunday 16th February 2014

As I had been expecting visitors yesterday I had made up the spare bed, but to make sure it stayed clean should little dogs find their way onto it I had covered it over with a old duvet cover. In the middle of the night I heard some serious Jezebel bed making going on. And in the morning this was what we found.

Jez makes herself comfortable

So now the linens need washing and ironing again.

At least that explained the bed-making noises though. We still have no explanation for what we found downstairs. Of an evening Jez has some peanut butter in a hollow bone, and Max has a little bit of potato mashed up with Dairylea cheese in a bowl. This morning I found this.

Food bowl is empty

That’s the dogs’ santa toy from Christmas (armless now you notice). I didn’t put him there, and Chris swears he didn’t, so how on earth did he end up like that? As I said, we seem to have entered the Twilight Zone.

The day, today, was bright and sunny. In the afternoon, as it was starting to cloud over a little, Jez, Max and I went to Canford Heath for our walk. Once again I parked in Steeple Close and we took the path skirting the houses to the south of the heath. Max chose to go and play in a couple of ponds along the way.

Max in the pond - again!

And Jez went in too to have a drink.

Jez takes a drink

This photo shows the path I am talking about – to the right next to the houses.

Path by Marshwood Avenue

Although most of our walk was in bright sunshine it was starting to cloud over.

Pine Trees

It looked much greyer over Poole and the Purbeck Hills.

View across Poole to the Purbeck Hills

But as I said, a most of our walk was in the sun.

Jez on the path

You may have noticed that I have been busy taking photos of trees silhouetted against the sky recently, like this one.


But in this case the pine tree was lit up by the sun. I love the resulting photo.

Fir Tree

Sadly not all trees have survived the storm. When we got to the stream we found that this one was no longer.

Fallen tree by the stream

So all in all we had a lovely walk. We were out for nearly 2 hours again, which is most probably a good thing as more rain is forecast for tomorrow so I doubt if our walk will be quite so pleasant or leisurely.

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