A sunny morning at Badbury Rings

Friday 21st February 2014

Bright sunshine this morning meant that Jez was staying put to snooze in the sun, so I took the opportunity to take Max and the camera and go for a proper walk. We went to Badbury Rings, which is just outside Wimborne Minster on the National Trust Kingston Lacy estate. For those of you new to this blog Badbury rings is an Iron Age hillfort. Oh, and this post is for my friend Lindsay, who says she likes my landscape photography. This is mainly about the landscape, as we did a circular walk to the north of the Rings. For that reason there will be mainly photos with little commentary.

But first we have Max on the lower part of the Rings themselves. This was taken as we headed out to the bridleway that runs north to The Oaks (an old oak wood). I should have thought and taken video as overhead was a skylark, singing it’s heart out. Such a beautiful sound.

Max at Badbury Rings

This is a gate leading into The Oaks (although all the gates are locked as you’re not allowed to walk in there – I believe because they leave the old trees to fall and decay so it is not safe).

Gate into The Oaks

A hazel with it’s catkins on the edge of The Oaks.

Hazel with catkins

King Down farm.

King Down Farm

The view across to Lambing Cottage.

View to Lambing Cottage

Tree on the path out to Lambing Cottage (I’m not sure what type).


The path leading up to King Down.

Path leading west to King Down

Looking north east from King Down. I like this photo. It looks as though it’s been taken with an ultra wide angle lens, but it hasn’t. The effect is caused by a natural dip in the land.

Looking north east from King Down

View towards Old Lawn Farm from King Down.

View towards Old Lawn Farm from King Down

A rider coming past one of the two barrows on King Down. I am assuming these are Bronze Age like the three barrows at Badbury Rings.

Barrow on King Down

Another view of King Down Farm.

King Down Farm

And lastly, Badbury Rings themselves, taken from the east entrance.

Badbury Rings, East entrance

I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk. It was just under 5 miles so not too bad. Chris was beginning to think we’d got lost we took so long though.

2 thoughts on “A sunny morning at Badbury Rings

  1. These are lovely photos, Jules. I wish I had been with you and Chris. I particularly love the last shot of King Down Farm with lots of contrasting colors and great composition. Thanks for the beautiful day.

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