Oh my! How he’s grown!

Saturday 22nd February 2014

The ‘he’ in question is Ozzie, the deerhound, but more of him later.

I got all behind this morning: I was trying to contact a local specialist garage as the car is playing up at the moment. Despite keep trying I couldn’t get an answer on the phone so I drove round there, only to find it was all closed up even though it was supposed to be open. So I called in at my normal garage, who stuck the car on their computer and decided the fault might not be what they’d thought it was when I’d phoned them and they’d referred me to the specialist. They weren’t sure if they’d managed to fix it though, and neither are we. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

So I was late doing my cleaning. Even so that didn’t make me late taking the dogs over Upton Heath in the afternoon. The sun of the morning was disappearing again, and the wind was getting up. Even so we had quite a lot of sunshine so it wasn’t too cold. It can’t have been – we were over there for 2 hours. This was the view looking towards Poole once we turned onto the heath from the Roman Road.

Upton Heath

And here’s a shot of the little path we follow around the back of the hill.

Path behind the hill

And now it’s time for a tree: this time a silver birth trunk that has got Razor Strop Fungi growing up it.

Razor strop fungi on a silver birch trunk

Walking on down the hill we met the cows.

Cows grazing on Upton Heath

One of which crept up behind Max and stood watching him as he waited in the the gully at the bottom of the hill for me to throw something for him.

Someone is taking an interest in Max

And then we met Ozzie.

Ozzie at 16 months

I can’t believe how much he’s grown since we last saw him – he must have had a bit of a growth spurt. He’s 16 months old now and weighs 8.5 stone (119 lbs). And he decided to try jump up and put his paws on my shoulders so he could lick my face. Good job I like dogs. He is just fabulous though.

When we got to the lower heath a certain little brown dog was keen to play cone.

Jez wants to play cone

After which she was all puffed out.

A happy dog after her game

We even met one of the Exmoor Ponies.

Exmoor Pony

Which was a bit odd, as normally the three of them are fairly close together and I couldn’t see the others at all. I like this parting shot I got of this one though.

Exmoor Pony

Although I’d washed him off in the stream I shampooed Max when we got home: he has been scratching an awful lot recently. Jez kept well out of the way, just in case some of that shampoo stuff headed her way. She really does not do baths.


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