In which Max has to share his pond

Monday 24th February 2014

We had bright sunshine first thing, but by the time I got to sing my little ‘Bin Day’ song to get the dogs out it had clouded over and the sun had disappeared. That meant Jez set out on our walk to Upton Heath with us. She didn’t get very far though: to the bottom of Bluebell Lane and then she would go no further, so I turned round and took her home before setting out, once again, with just Max.

Our walk was fairly uneventful, although we did have a surprise when we got to his favourite pond: it was already occupied.

There were visitors at Max's favourite pond

And in case you can’t make them out, there was a male and female mallard on the pond, which moved to the bank when Max got it. I kept him to the near side of the pond though, so we didn’t really disturb them much.

Pair of Mallards

For a Springer Max is very good around ducks – he rarely attempts to chase them. Normally he’s far too interested in playing in the water to bother about such things.


4 thoughts on “In which Max has to share his pond

    • He’s just waiting for me to throw something for him. As for the ducks, we know from when he goes in other ponds that they can be about a foot away and he will still ignore them. He will give chase if both they and he are on dry land though.

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