Pond to Pond

Tuesday 25th February 2014

Yes, Max was having that sort of day when we went for our walk on Canford Heath this morning (sans Jez who stayed on the bed snoozing yet again).

First, there was pond number 1.

Max at Pond # 1

A bit muddy, you might think, but Max doesn’t care.

Then there was pond number 2.

Max at Pond # 2

And finally there was pond number 3.

Max at Pond #3

Of course, there were also lots of puddles, a very swollen stream after overnight rain, and a rather full gully for him to play in as well. He was a happy boy.

Meanwhile the cutting down of trees is progressing. However, despite the fact that I was told they were only removing the invasive maritime pines, they seem to be a bit indiscriminate in what they are removing, so some of the Scots Pines have gone as well. They burn off the branches, but the trunks are all taken to the old pit road where they are stored and eventually chipped.

Someone's been busy

I’m guessing that very big tree is actually from Gravel Hill when they have been removing some of the very large pines over the past couple of weeks.

In the afternoon I went to the hairdressers. I now have a fairly short bob cut. No photos, though, I’m afraid – I try and avoid that sort of thing as much as possible.


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