Sunshine in Parkstone Bay

Friday 28th February 2014

I can’t believe its the end of February already. Once we get January and February out of the way I always feel that winter is pretty much behind us and spring and summer are on their way. And despite the forecast for rain later, today certainly started out with a springlike feel to it. Which meant Jez stayed on the bed snoozing while Max and I went to The Baiter and Whitecliff Park for our walk. Even the little scuzzy pond on the Baiter looked beautiful this morning.

Reflections in the Baiter Pond

And alongside the railway line the daffodils were out.

Daffodils by the railway line

Adn the blue skies framed the train nicely.


I’m also pleased to say that all the litter that’s blown up against the fence was about to be picked up by a litter-picking team following along behind me.

In fact, there was an awful lot of debris over the path and some of the grass where the storms two weeks ago had whipped up the sea. In places chunks of the sea wall have moved, and in others the soil between the wall and the path have washed away. Today, though, Poole harbour was like a millpond, and Max (seen here at the bottom of the steps) was a happy boy, playing in the sea.

Waiting for your cone to be thrown is a serious business

By the time we had walked back to the Baiter end of the bay the storm clouds were starting to gather.

View of Poole Quay from the Baiter

That was the view from the Baiter towards Poole Quay.

The rain started as we drove home, and the temperature fell. Then it kept raining on and off all afternoon. But that was Chris’ problem, not mine.


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