Pancake Day

Tuesday 4th March 2014

Pancake day today! Or Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday – whatever you want to call it. It was an early start for me: 6.30am, which is most probably normal for most people. I know it was the time I used to get up when I was still at work. But I had to take Dad to the eye hospital and he had an appointment at 9.10am. I left the house at 7.30am, drove to his flat, rushed in and collected him and went straight back out again and then set off for the hospital. We only just made it – well, we got there at the time of his appointment. It had taken me 1 hour and 40 minutes to do about 27 miles. Going home was a bit better, but I still got stuck in traffic.

So today there are no dog walking photos, as Chris took them out in the afternoon as usual. Instead I thought I’d share my dinner with you. Since it was pancake day I chose a light main course: stir fried prawn, cashews and celery with rice.

Dinner - Prawn, cashew & celery stir fry

Then came the pancakes. First I had to cook them.

The pancake is in the pan!

Then I had to cover them with sugar and lemon juice (it’s my favourite topping for them).

I like mine with sugar and lemon

And lastly, here they are (well mine at least), rolled up and ready to eat.

Ready to eat

Jez and Max also enjoyed a pancake each. After which Max made me laugh when he sat down with one of his antler chews hanging out of his mouth.

What's that in your mouth Max

He’s such a funny dog!

From 1 year ago today.

I was gardening and I found a frog.

Common Frog

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