Spring really is upon us

Wednesday 5th March 2014

I had been hoping for sun, but the 8/8 cloud cover in the sky this morning cheated me of it. They were really interesting clouds though.

Cloud over Poole this morning

As you can see from that photo I took Max over Canford Heath (no Jez this morning). I was not very happy when I got to the stream and felt something cold and wet seeping into my wellington boot.

My Aigle boots have split!

Yes, my right boot had split, and when I looked the left one was going to follow suit very shortly. I was a bit miffed, to say the least, as they are expensive Aigle wellingtons designed for hiking and they are only 19 months old. However, I contacted the company I bought them from and they want me to return them so they can have a look at them, so fingers crossed.

In the afternoon I was finally able to get out in the back garden and start cutting back the shrubs and ornamental grasses, and start a bit of a general tidy up. I had to stop when I’d filled my garden waste bin (which will be emptied for the first time this year on Monday). But already the garden is starting to look a lot better.

At last I can get out into the garden

As you can see, I also had some sun in the afternoon to help the gardening along (plus, of course, two dogs – until they were taken out for their afternoon walk).

As for spring really being upon us, well we have frogspawn, so it must be true.

Frogspawn in our pond

From this day a year ago

Contractors were cutting back the trees beneath the electricity lines just along the road from our front drive.

The undergrowth is cleared and the trees are topped out.


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