How come Chris got all the sun?

Thursday 6th March 2014

Today was a day of two halves. In the morning it was dull and cloudy – I took the dogs to Upton Country Park. In the afternoon there was actually some sunshine again – Chris took the dogs to Wareham Forest.

So, this was what the Country Park looked like this morning.

Hedgeline at Upton Country Park

Of course, it didn’t bother Max who was just happy there was lots of water for him to play in, although he seems to be giving me his serious look again in this photo.

Max in the stream

In the woods I spotted this old ivy stem growing up the bark of a tree, which I thought looked quite pretty.

Ivy root on tree

And down by the shoreline this Little Egret was looking for food.

Little Egret

The walk was ok, as walks go. It wasn’t too cold, but it is still very wet and muddy in places round the park and I haven’t got any wellington boots at the moment, although I did have my walking boots on. Both dogs were filthy by the time I got them back to the car, so had to be hosed off when I got them home. Max doesn’t mind but Jez does not like being hosed / showered / bathed – in fact she doesn’t like being cleaned in any way at all. At least it’s all over very quickly though.

From a year ago today

What a surprise – we were at Upton Country Park that day as well, where the new Play Trail had just been opened.

Signs at the Entrance to Grove Wood


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