I get the worst of the day again

Friday 7th March 2014

The forecast was for an overcast morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon. In the end we had an overcast morning and patchy sunshine in the afternoon, although it was considerably warmer then than I had it in the morning. Jez didn’t want to come for a walk, having had 3 walks yesterday, so Max and I went down the The Baiter and Whitecliffe Park along the edge of Poole Harbour. I have to say it wasn’t particularly warm, as there was a chill to the breeze, and most people were still well wrapped up. It was nice to see the blossom is coming out on the shrubs though.


And by the little pond a willow is in bloom.

Pussy Willow

Still on the nature front, oystercatchers were poking about in the shallows at Whitecliffe Park.


Although it was quite hazy I was surprised that Corfe Castle showed up so well today, through the gap in the Purbeck Hills to the west of Poole Harbour.

Corfe Castle from the Baiter, Poole

The tide was just right today for Max to have a good play in the water. Here he is at the bottom of the steps.


When we were down on the beach by the Baiter we watched as a ship headed into the port.

Coming into Port

I’m not sure whether it was the ship or Max in the water that put this flock of Brent Geese to flight.

Brent Geese take flight

All in all it was a good walk, and at the end of it I had one tired, wet dog.

Tired, wet dog at the end of his walk

From this day a year ago

It looks like it was a pretty wet day. I took Max to Delph Woods to try and avoid the worst of the rain.

Max in the pond at Delph Woods


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