I’ve got sunshine

Saturday 8th March 2014

Sunshine. All day. And it’s warming up a bit (13C this afternoon). What a treat. In the morning when I was cleaning I opened lots of windows to give the house a bit of fresh air. Then in the afternoon I took the dogs to Upton Heath. I also took the EOS 6D and polarising filter thinking I might get some nice shots of the heath with a lovely blue sky, but actually it was a bit hazy.

A bit of a hazy day today

We saw several butterflies on Pinesprings as we made our way onto the heath though. When we turned onto the heath I noticed that there had been some general scrub clearance going on.

They've been clearing scrub on Upton Heath

Of course, that meant large tractor type vehicles had been churning up the main path again, but it wasn’t too bad, especially as the heath is now starting to dry out a bit. I was a little bit worried about Jez. On a couple of occasions she had to stop and have a lie down.

Jez has to have a lie down

But once she’d been in some water and had a drink she seemed to be ok.

On the lower heath we met the Exmoor ponies who were busy with their mid-afternoon snack.

Time for an afternoon snack

Jez went to say ‘Hello’ then got a bit worried when one approached her. She soon settled down close to them though.

Jez sits down by one of the Exmoor Ponies

And this one posed nicely for me.

Exmoor Pony

What was odd was that we may have met the Exmoor Ponies, but on a lovely springlike afternoon we met very few other people or dogs. I don’t know where everyone had gone.

Finally, heading back along the Roman Road, these catkins were bathed in sunlight – I couldn’t help but notice them.

Catkins in the sunshine

All in all it was a very nice walk.

On this day a year ago

Upton Heath was looking very different in the rain.

Upton Heath in the Rain


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