Sunshine and flowers at Upton Country Park

Wednesday 12th March 2014

It was a lovely sunny morning this morning. I took Max our early (Jez chose to lie in the sun) as I had to take my Dad to the eye clinic early in the afternoon. Here’s the promised photo of my very smart looking boy after his trim.

Smart boy after his trim

It was a lovely walk in the sun. There was blossom out along the shoreline.


We even saw two of the buzzards, although I didn’t manage to photograph them. At the end of our walk I took Max into the gardens as I realised the camellias would be out. Those of you like my husband who don’t like flower photos can stop reading at this point.

So a white Camellia.


And a pink Camellia.


And another pink Camellia.


There was also one of the early, cultivated rhododendrons out.

Early Rhododendron

The trip to the eye clinic went well, although traffic was really bad driving to Dad’s once again. And I managed to get home in time for Chris to take Jez and Max over to Upton Heath before dinner.

On this day a year ago

Max and I went to Ham Common and Hamworthy beach. The snow seems to have disappeared.



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