A foggy start

Thursday 13th March 2014

But what a beautiful day it turned into.

We had fog first thing, but by the time I came to go for our morning walk the sun had burnt most of it off. So much so, in fact, that Jez chose to stay and lie in the sun rather than come over Canford Heath with Max and I. As for us, well, we had a lovely walk. It was still a bit hazy over Poole when we started out.

The fog had just about cleared when we walked on Canford  Heath this morning

But where we were the sun was out and I soon had to take off my fleece and roll up my sleeves it was so warm. Max, of course, found his usual way to cool down.

Obligatory photo of Max in a pool of water

We managed to see 3 buzzards on our walk. One solitary one to the south of the heath, and then this pair as we cut back across the heath from the old coach road.

Two buzzards circling overhead

Near the Gravel Hill entrance to the heath there is a solitary tree in blossom that stands out from all the leafless / fir trees around it so I tried a shot.


Back home and it was so nice I felt the need to finally clean the car, which had got filthy after all the rain we’ve been having. While I was out there I heard a buzzard call and looked up to see 3 over the house. I’m guessing these are the three that hang out at Upton Country Park. I just about managed to get a shot of one of them.

One of 3 buzzards over our house today

Then after lunch I had to take Max to the vet for his 6 month check and immuno-therapy injection. I was really pleased when the vet suggested we try him on the new atopic dermatitis drug that is out. I’m hoping that it will help him be more comfortable and get rid of all the redness and scratching. I’ll let you know how he gets on.

And lastly – my new wellingtons arrived.

My new Aigle boots have arrived

So at least if it rains I won’t get wet feet.

On this day a year ago

Looks like Max and I went to Morden Bog (Wareham Forest) for our walk.

Wareham Forest


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