Foggy, damp and cold

Friday 14th March 2014

This morning didn’t have much to recommend it at all. It was pretty foggy and with no sun around to burn it off it hung about until after lunch. That meant we had a cold damp walk down The Baiter and Whitecliffe Park this morning. Jez decided that she would come to: it was a very last minute decision that took us all by surprise. And I managed to leave the SD card out of my camera, so all of today’s photos were taken with my iPhone.

First, the fog (taken at Whitecliffe Park).

A foggy morning at Whitecliffe Park, Poole

You may have noticed that you can’t see much of Poole Harbour!

Jez had to do her usual stint on top of one of the pillars along the sea wall. Something seems to have caught her attention though, the way her ears are pricked.

Something has caught Jez's attention

As for the sea wall, you may remember that I mentioned that a lot of the rock section of it had been damaged during the storms. Well the council are busy repairing it now.

The sea wall is being repaired after the storms

Along at the Baiter slipway the fog didn’t seem to be deterring two intrepid boaters.

The fog hasn't put off these two men in their dinghy

What made me laugh, though, was that Jez spotted them and had to go an investigate. The water was a bit deep for her, but she persevered and got a bit of a fuss made of her for her troubles. Here she’s just coming away from the boat.

Jez had to go and investigate

After that both dogs decided they were going to stay on the beach and head round to Poole Quay. I walked along the footpath above the beach keeping an eye on them, and eventually managed to get them back when we got to the first slip. As a result we were actually down there a lot longer than I’d intended and I had got pretty chilled. It took me most of the afternoon to warm up again.

On this day a year ago

We went for our walk over Upton Heath, where they had been clearning away a lot of the bracken and scrub near the little birch copse.

Scrub clearance on Upton Heath


5 thoughts on “Foggy, damp and cold

  1. Bravo Jez, for swimming out to investigate! Such a cute photo. I tend to think of Max as the water dog, so I was surprised to see Jez out there. Beautiful photos.

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