Sunday 16th March 2014

Yes, that’s what I was doing this morning. I tried our a new recipe for an apple cake, which also includes hazlenuts and a caramel topping. I’m really pleased with the results – I’ll certainly be making this one again.

Apple Cake

Baking could almost apply to what the weather was up to today. It got up to 16C and was a most beautiful day. When I wasn’t baking I was busy tidying up out in the back garden, and can now get at the pond filter and clarifier once more. In the afternoon I took Jez and Max to Canford Heath. I wasn’t sure Jez was going to come. She seemed totally exhausted this morning and didn’t even come out in the garden with me. So I was surprised when she walked to the front door as I went to take Max out in the afternoon.  It was a very slow walk though, with Jez keep stopping to sit down every few hundred yards. And she insisted on a long walk route, so in the end we were out for 2 hours. Not that I minded in the warm sunshine.

In places there in still some water for Max.

Max finds some water

Whereas in others the water is all gone.

Gone, Gone, the water's all gone

You can see what a nice day it was by this photo of Jez and Max at the crossroads on the top of the heath.

At the crossroads

I even saw my first peacock butterfly of the year.

First Peacock butterfly I've seen this year

As we were leaving the stream to head back to the car we met a young dog we know (a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) and walked back with him and his owner. From that point on Jez seemed to perk up a bit, and even wanted to chase a cone for a bit. When we got home she suddenly came back to life and wanted to play ball in the garden, and then was playing with Max. So whatever was wrong it appears to have passed, thank goodness.

On this day a year ago

The weather was quite a bit different – rain clouds over Upton Heath.

Rain clouds over the Heath


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