Jez is keen

Monday 17th March 2014

Jez seems to be back to normal today. Being ‘Bin Day’ she was keen to come on our walk to Upton Heath this morning and was quite lively throughout the walk. Here she is sitting by the pond while Max plays with his cone in the water.

Jez by the pond

And, for the sake of balance, here’s Max just after we got to the heath and before he got wet.


(Please excuse Jezebel’s bottom in the background of that one). In fact Jez seemed to want to be in most photos today. Here she’s just managed to sneak into the edge of a photo of one of the Exmoor Ponies.

Exmoor Pony

I think they are getting more used to me and my camera. I was squatting down right in front of that one to get that shot.

If you have been following this blog for the past 2-3 years then you may recall a seat in the little birch copse that someone had stuck a hand made sign on saying ‘Nobby’s Bench’. I never did know who Nobby was, but have always referred to the seat as Nobby’s bench ever since. Well, it seems that Nobby has sadly passed away. The bench now boasts a nice new plaque in memory of him.

Nobby's bench

And if you can’t quite make it out, it says “Where friends meet and tails wag”. What a lovely sentiment. RIP Nobby.

One year ago today

Clearly a sunny day and the occasion of one of my photographic masterpieces (well, in my opinion, anyway). This was taken at Creekmoor Ponds.

Cob (Male Swan)


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