Careful where you put your nose, Max

Tuesday 18th March 2014

After two walks yesterday Jez decided that she was not going to come for a walk with Max and I this morning and instead stayed snoozing on the bed. We seem to have lost the sunshine and the wind is picking up again, so it wasn’t particularly warm on Canford Heath, although I wasn’t exactly cold either.

The path to Dog Leg

Without Jez in tow our pace was much faster, and Max gets lots of opportunities to play cone and splash about in the water. Here he is in his favourite little gully.

Intent on his cone

At the stream he managed to lose his cone so I went to look for it for him. And look what I found desparately trying to get out of the way of Max’s searching nose.

Arachnophobes look away at this point.

Raft Spider

It’s a raft spider – the UK’s largest spider. Normally I spend ages looking for them over Upton Heath so that I can take a photo, and today this one was just there under Max’s nose. So I took Max on and we left the raft spider in peace.

Back home a man came to fix our burglar alarm, which keeps going off in the middle of the night as it thinks one of the doors in the garage is open. Jez is terrified of the sound the beeping alarm makes, so I took her and Max round the ponds for a short walk. It still took the poor little soul ages to calm down when we got back though. Hopefully the alarm is fixed now.

And one more photo for today: one of our garden visitors who is partial to the food I put out for the birds.

Garden visitor

Never mind, squirrels have to eat too.

A year ago today

We met Nellie, an English Bull Terrier on Canford Heath.



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