Out and about in Wareham Forest

Wednesday 19th March 2014

It was one of those mornings where I had alternative walks lined up: if Jez came we’d go to Wareham Forest, otherwise Max and I would go to Canford Heath. In the event Jez was keen to join us, so the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest it was.

Sika Trail, Wareham Forest

It was overcast at first, but slowly the sun burnt off the cloud cover. Jez made a very slow start: in fact she got through the gate, sniffed around for a bit, sat down and then refused to move. Eventually she decided that she’d better join Max and I or get left behind, however. She did take us down the path that runs through Wareham Golf Course, though, as she’s been keen to explore it for some time now.

Wareham Golf Course

As usual Max was just running from boggy pool to boggy pool and then standing and waiting for me to throw something for him. At least I can clean him off in the Gruffalo Pool, though, which is always nice and clean.

Max in the Gruffalo Pool

And here’s Jez sitting by the Gruffalo Pool.

Jez by the Gruffalo Pool

Walking back to the car I was surprised to see a lone daffodil growing on the bank in amongst the pine trees.

Lone daffodil on the bank

I wonder how it got there.

A year ago today

It was obviously a lot wetter underfoot on Canford Heath where they had been cuting down trees.

Removing the pines on Canford Heath


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