Breakfast at Upton Country Park

Friday 21st March 2014

No Jez this morning: just Max and I. I didn’t go down to Parkstone Bay as I often do on a Friday. Someone had dumped a load of fish down there a couple of days ago that had washed up along the shore where we play and I didn’t want Max gorging himself on rotting fish! So we went to Upton Country Park where I thought it was about time I took another photo of the wheel on the Play Trail.

Wheel on the Play Trail

Breakfast, by the way, wasn’t mine, or Max’s, but was the buzzard’s.


I apologise for the poor quality of that and the next shot – I blame poor light and having to use the Powershot on a long zoom. That said, I did manage to get almost directly underneath the buzzard, who was not at all happy with me.

Someone's unhappy at my presence

So that was me told!

Further on and Max had a play in the stream as usual.

Max in the stream

And along the shoreline I spotted some Shelducks…


… and lots of celandine’s, which are all in bloom at the moment and looking very pretty.


In the afternoon I tried out another new cake recipe: Nigella Lawson’s chocolate Guinness cake, which I’ve had my eye on for a long time time now. It was all a bit fraught, though. Firstly I didn’t have enough cocoa powder and had to walk round to the local Co-op to get some more. Then I didn’t have a 23cm springform tin. So I ended up lining my square tin to stop the very runny cake mixture running out and used that instead. It seems to have worked ok. I haven’t taken a photo, though, as I decided not to put the topping, which contains sour cream, double cream and icing sugar on the cake as that would have meant I had to keep the whole thing in the fridge. Instead I’m spooning it on as I serve it.

A year ago today

It was a very wet day. Max and I set off to walk to Upton Country Park but he got a piece of glass in his paw on the way there so I had to phone Chris to come and bring us home.

Taking Max for a walk on the 2nd day of spring!


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