A relaxing morning and a very stressful afternoon

Sunday 23rd March 2014

I didn’t have any baking to do this morning: in fact I didn’t have any little jobs I needed to do at all apart from put some washing on. So this morning I did what I’d been meaning to do for a long time – spend time trying to get to grips with my 100mm macro lens. The problems I have are around focus and depth of field. I approached it scientifically by setting the camera up on the tripod in a fixed position and then moving the subject (an ornament) to various distances corresponding to the magnification provided by the lens. So, for example, at 30cm distance the magnification is 1:1, whilst at 39cm distance it is 1:2. Then I took a series of photos using varing apertures and studied the results. I’m pleased to say I learnt a lot from this which will hopefully benefit my macro photography in the future. For now, though, I’ll share a couple of the results with you. This is the ornament taken at 48cm distance (1:3).

Macro test at 48cm

And this is it taken at39cm distance.

Macro test at 39cm

Then came the stressful afternoon. I was getting ready to take the dogs for their walk. Jez had been snoozing all morning and had just got up. I let her out the patio doors, she took 3 strides and then her back legs seemed to give way and she keeled over. She got up but clearly could not stand properly. She was obviously in a lot of pain, and after 5 minutes of trying to help her and watching her wobble round the garden I phoned the emergency vet and arranged to take her there. He gave her a methadone injection and painkillers. It was all a bit of a nightmare, and she wasn’t able to settle or get comfortable for the rest of the day. She still can’t walk properly.

So after I got back from the vet I took Max out. We went for a walk over Canford Heath. Chris offered to take him again but I thought the walk would do me good.

So here’s Max in the pond, peering up at me.

Max in the pond

And here he is in the pond leaving a trail of air bubbles in his wake.

Max leaves a trail of air bubbles

A year ago today

We must have had a lot of wind over the week-end as there was a large, fallen tree on Upton Heath.

Fallen Tree on Upton Heath


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