We make a new friend and do some filming

Wednesday 26th March 2014

This morning saw Max and I going for our walk over Upton Heath. Max is less worried than Jez about keep going back to the same place. She gets bored; he doesn’t care so long as there’s water.

Max by the boardwalk on Upton Heath

As we were walking round I noticed that they are using the same old trailer to burn off the branches of cut down trees as they were using last year on Canford Heath. The blue paint gives it away.

Trailer on Upton Heath

While walking around we met quite a few friends, so I spent quite a while updating everyone on Jez’s condition. We also met a new little friend, Buddy. In fact, we met Buddy twice, so the second time around I managed to get some photos. Buddy is a 4 month old Border Collie puppy. He was so soft and fluffy, and very well behaved. He didn’t even upset Max. Here he is chewing a stick along the Roman Road.

Buddy chewing his stick

And posing nicely for me.

Meet Buddy

Once I got home Chris had some filming he wanted me to do (his company, Short Cuts TV Ltd, makes DVDs on social science subjects). He had to do a couple of pieces to camera, so we set up in the spare bedroom where we have a nice clean, uncluttered wall.

All set up for filming

And here’s one of Chris looking all serious – taken as I was sorting out the focus and light for filming.


Then we were interrupted by the vet who phoned to say he had spoken to the neurologist. Apparently Jez’s gait in the video I took of her on Sunday is unusual, and she suggested all sorts of causes ranging from low calcium, through Tetanus, to Strychnine poisoning. So I had to quickly take her to the vets to get some blood tests done and to get some antibiotics for her, just in case. In the end the blood tests were perfectly normal, which was good news. The vet she saw, like her normal vet Duncan, thought the problem is that something in her neck, possibly a ruptured disc, is pressing on a nerve. So we’re continuing to rest her.

A year ago today

Jez seems to have spent a lot of time lying down. Here she is lying on her bed in the living room.

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