Thursday 27th March 2014

Max and I went to Canford Heath for our walk this morning. We actually had some sun, and out of the wind it was almost warm: in the wind it was still really cold though.

We had some sunshine on Canford Heath today

Looking across Poole we could see there was quite a large fire somewhere in the distance. I hope that’s not another fire at Studland Heath or Arne.

Smoke - I hope that's not Studland Heath again

And lastly we have poor old Billy No-Mates. This poor cow had lost the rest of the heard, and was wandering around the Heath bellowing while it looked for them. I don’t know where they’d got to as we never saw them.

Billy No Mates

I hope he eventually found them.

Jezebel continues to improve, and each day her behaviour slowly returns to normal, although she is clearly far from well. I’ve agreed with her vet that they will take her in for X-Ray tomorrow. In the meantime we went for a walk round Creekmoor Ponds in the afternoon sunshine.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Country Park for our walk, where trees were starting to shoot.

Signs of Spring 2

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