Max and I head out to Morden Bog

Sunday 30th March 2014

It was a beautiful sunny day today. Jez slept all morning while I baked bread, did some washing and forked/weeded the back flower bed. In the afternoon I took Max out to Morden Bog / Wareham Forest. I hadn’t been out there since last summer. This is the view over the Bog.

View across Decoy Pond

Unfortunately, I’d worn myself out in the morning, so didn’t enjoy it too much as my legs ached so much. Max, on the other hand, was a very happy dog.

Max retrieves his cone

When we got to the old orchard around the ruined Decoy cottage the daffodils were all in bloom.

A host of golden daffodils

And here’s Max in amongst them.

Max in amongst the daffodils

We walked on up the hill behind the cottage and when we got to the top I had a choice of paths. At the junction I stopped breifly to take this shot looking behind me.

View towards Morden Bog

There were trees down from the January storms across both of them, but I decided to go straight on, taking the shorter route as I was tired. That was a mistake. There were about 8 trees down across that path, and you had to climb up the bank and through the heather to get round them.

Tree down

And here’s Max in front of one of the last trees down.

Our path is blocked

Virtually the whole of that small section of forest has gone.

We walked on up the path to Henry’s Pond, where Max had a game of cone and I had a short rest on the seat. It was lovely and peaceful there, with the only sound being the singing of the birds and a woodpecker hammering in a tree behind me. After that we headed back to the car.

Wareham Forest

I was pleased to get home and climb into a hot bath to ease my aches and pains.

Talking of aches and pains, Jez managed to dash out of the patio doors last night and aggravate her back a little, so she’s been a little bit stiff and sore today. She still managed a couple of short walks though.

A year ago today

I was doing more Easter baking: this time it was a simnel cake.

Simnel Cake for Easter


One thought on “Max and I head out to Morden Bog

  1. Gorgeous photos! Max in in the water always makes me smile. I love the one of him with the daffodils. Thanks for telling us about the sounds – almost like being there.

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