Upton Heath without Jez

Saturday 29th March 2014

It felt very odd going for our Saturday afternoon walk on Upton Heath without Jez. I know we walk over there quite a bit without her, but this particular route that we do on Saturday’s is different to our weekly route, so we missed her. That said, I did walk Max over to the Heath and back rather than drive there. It was a lovely afternoon for our walk.

Upton Heath

Max was very lively and enjoyed playing in his pond as usual.

Max in his favourite pond

As we walked on round, though, he found a very nice boggy bit to wade into, so I ended up with a two-tone dog.

Two-tone dog

I didn’t mind too much though. I managed to wash him off in the stream en route home, plus I had already planned on giving him a bath when we got back.

As for Jez, well she’s feeling a lot better. She’s sleeping all morning, but Chris took her out while Max and I were out and she spent 45 minutes mooching around Creekmoor Ponds. Later on she was trying to get Chris to throw her ball for her and play tug – which, of course, he didn’t do. So overall we’re pleased with her progress.

A year ago today

It was Easter week-end and I was busy baking hot cross buns.

Hot Cross Buns


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