A bit of a damp one again

Saturday 5th April 2014

We’ve had that fine, misly rain virtually all day. It’s been making everywhere very wet. Jez stayed in bed all morning while Chris took Max to Canford Heath and I cleaned. In the afternoon, though, she decided to come for a walk with Max and I, which surprised me as she often won’t go out if it’s raining.

Normally I drive the dogs over to Upton Heath on a Saturday afternoon and we do a longer walk up the Roman Road and then down across the heath. But I thought that was a bit far for Jez, so I drove them over and then we walked round the lower heath. You can see what I mean about the rain making everywhere wet.

A wet day on Upton Heath

Despite the rain, though, there are clear signs of spring on the Heath, with the silver birch trees coming into leaf. They’ve also got loads of catkins at the moment.

Spring is coming to Upton Heath

I think the walk was just about the right length for Jez, although it was a bit short for poor Max. And we timed it just right: as we got to the car it started to rain fairly heavily.

A year ago today

It was a bit of a cold, grey day down at Poole Harbour.

A cold, grey day down at Parkstone Bay


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