Sunshine and showers on Canford Heath

Tuesday 8th April 2014

I think Jez made the right decision today: she stayed on the bed in the sun while Max and I went to Canford Heath. It started out really nice, as can be seen from this view across Poole.

View over Canford Heath to Poole

And this one.

View across Poole to the Purbecks

Elsewhere on the heath there are signs of spring. Although gorse blooms all year round, at this time of year it goes into over-drive.


And as we walked onto the heath I found that this young sycamore had spread it leaves.

A young sycamore has come into leaf

But our walk in the sun was short-lived. There were some black clouds to the north.

Dead Silver birch in the sun

Just as we started to turn back to towards the car it started to rain, and once again I got wet. And you can tell we have had quite a lot of rain recently, as one of Max’s ponds has re-appeared, having dried up during March.

Max's pond has re-appeared

At least it wasn’t quite so bad as yesterday though, and by the time we were approaching the car it had stopped. This shot shows our path back to where we park.

The path back to the car is turning green

As you can see, spring is well and truly sprung around here.


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