It was a busy day for me

Wednesday 9th April 2014

It’s hospital day for my Dad again today, plus my cousin Linda is coming to stay, so I had a really busy day. First of all I got up and took Max to Upton Country Park. It was a beautiful morning. Max enjoyed himself in the lake…

Max in the Lake

… and in the stream.

Max in the Stream

In the woods a sycamore sapling was bursting into leaf.

Sycamore bud burst

There were blue skies over the boardwalk, where Max kindly posed for me.

Max on the Boardwalk

And Upton Lake (the top end of Poole Harbour) even looked attractive.

Upton Lake

Last week walking round I spotted some lovely little white flowers, but didn’t get a decent photo of them. I managed to take a better one today. I believe they are Greater Stitchwort.

Greater Stitchwort

So that was the first part of my morning. I hurried home and got changed, had a quick bite of lunch and was out again by noon to drive over to Dad’s. I picked him up and dropped him off at Bournemouth Hospital for his appointment, and then continued onto Castlepoint Shopping centre where I met my cousin (her friend is staying down here for a couple of days so offered her a lift down and back). At Castlepoint they have installed lots of dinosaurs for the Easter holidays, and the children can go on a dinosaur hunt around the centre and the shops. Here are two outside of Marks & Spencer.

Dinosaurs have invaded Castlepoint

So then it was back to the hospital to pick Dad up, then back to his flat for a jam donut and a cup of tea, before Linda and I headed home once again. Like I said, a busy day.

A year ago today

Max was in the stream at Upton Country Park a year ago today as well.

The stream is quite deep today


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