Jez hurts herself again

Friday 11th April 2014

Poor little Jez. She doesn’t have much luck. No sooner is she getting better than she aggravates her injury. It happened down at Whitecliffe Park in Poole. We had dropped Linda off in Bournemouth and said a quick Hello to her friend Gilly before leaving them to wander down to Bournemouth beach before heading back to Oxford. I didn’t take the dogs to the beach – it would have been too much for Jez. So instead I drove back to Poole and parked in Whitecliffe Park to do our normal Friday morning walk but the opposite way around (Whitecliffe to the Baiter and back). But having met Gilly and her granddaughter Jez was so excited she was dashing around and twisting about. Then she fell over and yelped, and when she stood up she was holding her front leg out straight. After a short massage, though, she put it back down so I thought I’d see how she’d get on.

Well the answer was that she didn’t seem too bad. First off she headed for the sea, I think to get cold water on whatever was hurting.


She wandered in the shallows and had a lie down in the water. As you can see, the tide was out quite a long way.


We took it easy, at least when Jez wasn’t trying to play with the other dogs she met. In fact, we hung around by the steps for quite a long time while I threw cones for Max and Jez just paddled and explored. And had a good old shake.


Here’s another photo of Max at the bottom of the steps.


And here’s a photo of both dogs a little bit further on.

Jez and Max

I didn’t walk quite as far as normal, so we turned back short of the Baiter car park. Walking along near the railway line I was surprised to find what looked like a crab apple. I say surprised as I don’t recall seeing a crab apple there before, but can’t think what else it could be. The buds…

Crab Apple Buds

… and the flowers…

Crab Apple Blosson

were very pretty though.

As for Jez, well she seemed pretty stiff and sore when we got home, but that didn’t stop her wanting to go out with Chris and Max in the afternoon. They only went to Delph Woods, though, where she was able to have a gentle pootle about.

A year ago today

I was busy taking photos of flowers. Like this grape hyacinth.

Grape Hyacinth


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