Our little English robin

Saturday 12th April 2014

We were back to normal, well nearly, today. I say nearly as Jez obviousy still isn’t well, and after yesterday I want her to take things easy. So she stayed in bed all morning while I cleaned, but in the afternoon she decided that she wanted to come with Max and I for a walk. We went over to Upton Heath, but given Jez’s condition I drove them over and we only walked around the lower heath. At first Jez was walking very slowly, which gave me the opportunity to stop and photograph the little robin who was by the side of the path as we walked onto the heath.

Robin on Upton Heath

He was singing his little heart out.

Singing his heart out

As for Jez, well she was very slow to start off with, until she met a greyhound when she got all excited. But generally we took it fairly slowly. It was a bit overcast, so there’s only one other photo from today: of Max, in the big puddle by the side of the short boardwalk.

Max in the puddle by the Boardwalk

As for the title of this post, it’s from a poem by William Wordsworth, “The redbreast chasing the butterfly”.

A year ago today

We were walking on Canford Heath where the old trailer used for burning branches from the heath clearance had been left by what was previously a small copse of silver birch trees.

Trailer left on Canford Heath after the tree felling


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