Sunshine Sunday

Sunday 14th April 2014

It has been a beautiful sunny day today: if only the wind would lose it’s chill it would be lovely. It was one of those days where you felt you didn’t need a coat, but then found that you did, only to get too warm once you started walking so had to take it off again.

But I’ll start with the morning. It was a fairly Sunday morning for me: baking bread, forking over flower beds, and taking the odd photo. The photos in question were of my apple blossom.

Apple Blossom

Jez is still really stiff and sore so stayed at home with me in the morning. In the afternoon she wanted to come for a walk though, so I took both bogs to Canford Heath. I parked in Steeple Close so that I could keep the walk reasonably short for Jezebel. I also took a little bit more video of her for the vet who she is seeing tomorrow. Here she is with Max in the pond at the start of our walk.

Jez and Max

As I said, it was lovely and sunny and I soon had to take my coat off. I think this shot shows how nice the day was.

Heading up to dogleg

I was surprised to find that it’s not only the trees that are bursting into leaf, but the bracken is now starting to make an appearance too. Here a shoot is pushing it’s way through the earth before it starts to unfurl.

Break on through

Overall Jez coped well with her walk. I’ve noticed, though, that as she gets tired her head waggles from side to side: I call it her drunken sailor impersonation.

A year ago today

It was wet. Very wet. Even the Exmoor ponies on Upton Heath were sodden.

The Exmoor Ponies were pretty wet


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