Warm and sunny at Morden Bog

Tuesday 15th April 2014

It has been another nice day today. Jez decided to stay lazing in the sun at home, so I took the opportunity to give Max a decent walk. The poor boy must be getting very frustrated with all of the short, slow walks. We went out to Morden Bog and Wareham Forest. This was the view across Morden Bog and Decoy Pond this morning.

View over Morden Bog

There are still some puddles around in places, as Max found…

Max at Morden Bog

… but it has dried out a lot since we were here last. Which might be a bit of a problem for this toad that we came across on the bridal path onto the Bog.

Toad on the path

Fortunately Max, my fearless frog hunter, didn’t see him.

When we got down to the deep pool Max likes to play in he was soon swimming out to retrieve his cone.

Max returns with his cone

But poor Gemma, the lovely Golden Retriever we met, won’t swim and so was getting very frustrated when her sticks were just out of her reach.

So near and yet so far

We walked on as far as Decoy Cottage with Gemma and her owners and then we went our separate ways. Max and I walked up the hill past the apiary and headed out into Wareham Forest. I took the longer route today, which kept Max happy as there was lots of water along the way.

Look Mum. More water!

After that path we tried a slightly different route to get to Henry’s pond: it was a bit longer but the path was rather nice…

A new path for us

… and there was even more water for Max to play in.


Just to the west of Henry’s Pond we came across this very strange tree. At first I was a bit annoyed I couldn’t get a decent shot without the power lines in, but then I decided they added something to the photo.

Hanging by a thread

I really don’t know how that tree ended up like that. I’m assuming it was someone’s idea of a joke. To me that branch looks a bit like a big feather duster hanging down.

So we went to Henry’s Pond (no photos today) and then headed back towards the car. Today, though, I let Max head off to Sherford Lake for a swim.

Sherford Lake

That made him a very happy boy.

Max at Sherford Lake

Eventually we got back to the car after two and a half hours and just over a four and half mile walk. It had been a beautiful morning for it though.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Country Park, where we met this young family.

Duck family


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