Cows, Alien Machines, Flowers and Birds … and, of course, Max and Jez

Wednesday 16th April 2014

While Jez lazed in the sun Max and I went for a walk on a sunny, but slightly breezy, Canford Heath this morning.

Our path across Canford Heath this morning

Where we met the cows.

Just grazin'

Well, two of them anyway. For some reason the others were quite a long way away (we spotted them later in our walk). For the first time I spotted the leg marking on the big black cow with the large horns. I call this photo ‘Diamond in the Rough’.

Diamond in the rough

And you may recall last week that we spotted some sort of drill on the old tip. Well today they were moving it, and to my mind it looks like some sort of alien war machine.

Alien war machine on the move

We walked round the path in front of the old tip, and then out through the woods the other side. When we got to the old coach road I spotted lots of pretty little dog violets growing alongside the path.

Dog violet in the sun

Max, meanwhile, was just happy to get in his pond.

Happy in his pond

And he was even happier when he found another one on the other side of the road.

New pond

After that we headed back across the heath to the car. Just after Max had played in the stream, though, we came across two carrion crows in one of the old, dead trees.

Carrion Crow

Back home again I took the opportunity of the sunshine to do some gardening. I also took the opportunity to grab the camera and take some photos of the bluebells that grow in the garden.



Later on I got a garden chair out and sat in the back garden with the camera pointing at the bird feeders. I was rewarded with this shot of two blue tits.

Just stocking up

I thought they were two adults, so I was surprised when it became clear that one was getting food from the feeder to feed to the other.

Feeding time

The female blackcap, who I haven’t seen for ages, also put in an appearance.

Looks like the female blackcap has made an appearance

And last, but by no means least, Jezebel, chillaxing in the garden.

Jez chillaxing

A year ago today

Max and I were busy finding big puddles on Canford Heath.

Now that's what I call a puddle


3 thoughts on “Cows, Alien Machines, Flowers and Birds … and, of course, Max and Jez

  1. Looks like a brilliant place to go for a stroll… lovely pics of the iris (me thinks that is the plant – flower)
    bought a 55 – 200 for my new camera… looking forward to putting that into use – last couple of days were just work work work…
    Happy Easter to you guys…

    • That’s not an iris, but is a tiny flower called a dog violet. It is a member of the viola family and is less than 1cm across. Have a happy Easter, away from work and with Lizzy.

      • thank you – just didn’t take a close enough look what the flower looked like…
        you have a good easter too… hopefully you can enjoy some good weather… 🙂
        lizzy and jurgen

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