In and out the shady bluebells

Thursday 17th April 2014

It’s that time of year again when the bluebells are in flower, so it was time to head out the the bluebell woods with the camera today. The woods I go to are High Wood up at Badbury Rings. Both Jez and Max came with me as I was doing the afternoon walk, having taken Jez to her physio appointment in the morning while Chris walked Max over Upton Heath. Jez is still quite stiff and sore, so one advantage of this walk is that I can keep it fairly short. On the other hand, should I choose, I can turn it into a 5 mile trek. Today’s walk was the short version for Jez, though.

She was so excited to be back at Badbury Rings (for those of you who have come to this blog recently, Badbury Rings are an Iron Age hillfort just outside of Wimborne Minster in Dorset). As soon as I let her off the lead she was racing about over the Rings. At one point she was running off looking for the cuckoo which was calling. We came across our first small patch of bluebells on top of the Rings themselves, as well as lots of primroses.


We walked straight across the centre of the Rings and then out the other side and into the woods where the Wood Anemones are also in bloom.

Wood Anemone

But onto the bluebells. I took loads of photos, but have only uploaded a few to Flickr. This is my favourite. It gives a really good impression of the carpet of blue that we were treated to. And the smell was heavenly.


Both dogs were happily exploring in amongst the flowers. Here’s Max posing nicely for me.

Max in the bluebells

And after a while Jez chose to lie down on the little path we were following.

Jez has a rest in the bluebells

And one last photo for you today: of a little patch of woodland flowers at the side of the path.

Woodland flowers

We had such a lovely walk. I will have to try and get back before the bluebells go over.

A year ago today

We were on Canford Heath – a very different landscape even though they are only about 10 miles apart.

Late afternoon on Canford Heath

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