We drove down to the river

Friday 18th April 2014

The river in question was, of course, the River Stour at Cowgrove. It had been my plan to go there if Jez came with us, as it’s a nice little walk for her and not too far. If she had not come then I would have taken Max down to the beach at Hamworthy. But much to my surprise Jez decided to get up and join us. We weren’t the only people who had decided to try out the River Stour today – there were several canoeists on the river.

Canoeists on the Stour

As we walked along I was surprised to see a couple of the fields covered in dandelions. I have never seen so many in one place. It made for a very pretty picture.

Field of Dandelions

Jez decided to have a couple of paddles in the river. She also thought she’d see what the reeds tasted like. They can’t have been too bad as she munched on them for long enough.

Jez takes a break from eating the reeds

She also had another go at a spot of tree climbing, just to make sure she hadn’t lost the knack over the winter.

Tree climbing time for Jez

Max, meanwhile, was just happy playing in the water and swimming.

Swim-swim time for Max

A little bit further along and the oak-of-many-faces has come into leaf.

The oak-of-many-faces is in leaf

Walking back along the river bank to the car it was nice to see that the Little Egret has taken up it’s summer haunt on the little gravel bank again.

Little Egret

It was busy doing a spot of fishing.


And finally, here’s one of Max back at the car park (well, field where we park).

Max in the carpark

A year ago today

It was lovely and sunny. We stopped off at Creekmoor Ponds on our way back from Upton Heath.

Jez and Max at Creekmoor Ponds


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