Jez managed our Saturday walk

Saturday 19th April 2014

Well, sort of. I did take a slightly shorter route than normal as I didn’t want the walk to be too long for her, but we walked up the Roman Road and then came down across Upton Heath. The difference today was that instead of walking round the back of the hill, we walked straight to the viewpoint and then down across the heath. This panorama was taken from the viewpoint.

Upton Heath panorama

And here’s Jez taking the opportunity while I took it to have a little rest.

Time for a little rest

The bracken is starting to come through on the heath now.


With some stems a little more advanced than others.


The weather was a bit mixed too. It was a mixture of dark clouds and sunshine.

Stormy skies

And here’s more of those dark clouds, taken down by Max’s favourite pond.

Fir Trees

And here’s Max in said pond.

Pond Dog

All in all I think the walk was just about right for Jez. She was getting a little tired before the end, but was not too bad.

A year ago today

It was a beautiful sunny day and low tide down at Parkstone Bay in Poole.

Cloud reflections


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