New beginnings

Monday 21st April 2014

There was a slight variation on our walk today. Before Jez hurt herself I used to walk the dogs over to Upton Heath, walking back via Creekmoor Ponds. Recently, to cut the walk down, I’ve been driving them over. Jez keeps wanting to leave the heath at our normal place though, rather than walking back along the Roman Road to get to the car. So today I got Chris to drive us over there and drop us off, so that I could walk them home via the Ponds.

After all the rain yesterday it was a lovely sunny morning today, although there was a bit of an obstacle course at Max’s favourite pond.

Obstacle course at the pond

It’s funny how you can walk round places day after day and still not spot things. Today I noticed a crab apple tree on the edge of the old Pits. I’ve never seen it before, or at least, not that I can remember.

Crab Apple in blossom

Jez was a really happy little dog when we left the Heath to walk back home via the ponds. After a quick paddle in the pond she spent her time investigating the bank while Max swam out after his cone. She’s still a bit unsteady on her feet at times though, and just after I took this photo she lost her footing and nearly fell in.

Don't do it. Don't jump Jez

The female swan is still sitting on her nest while the male patrols. Today, though, her neighbour, the Great Crested Grebe, was out on the pond with her three young chicks.

Keep up now

I love the Grebe chicks. They look so cute with their black and white striped heads.

Adult and chicks

I’ll have to keep an eye out for them again.

A year ago today

Jez goes to say ‘Hello’ to a cow on Canford Heath.

Jez goes to say 'Hello'


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