Nice weather for ducks

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

The rain was forecast to start at 11am this morning, so I thought I would get our walk in early before it started. So much for that plan! As I gathered up the leads I looked out of the window to see it was already raining. Jez decided not to move off the bed, so only Max and went for a walk in the rain. I took him to Upton Country Park where the beech trees are coming into leaf in the Woodland Walk.

The beeches are in leaf in the Woodland Walk

At least the woods provided some protection from the rain, but we were out in the open once we got to the small lake (I usually refer to it as a pond, but I see on the signs that it’s ‘officially’ called a lake!).

Max doesn't care about a bit of rain

Max didn’t care about the rain though, and neither did the new family of ducks.

Nice weather for ducks and ducklings

Further on at the stream and Max decided that the stick I was throwing for him was too lang.

Time to shorten that stick

And lastly, alongside the path, a bit of a damp dandelion.

Damp Dandelion

By the time we got round in front of the house it was starting to rain harder, and then got worse as the day wore on. I was glad Chris had the afternoon walk.

A year ago toady

It was a hot, sunny day and Max, Jez and I went out to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest.

Jez and Max on the Sika Trail


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