B, C, D…

Saturday 26th April 2014

That was the story of our walk over Upton Heath today. We were supposed to have heavy showers so I had been prepared to get wet again. As it was the weather was rather nice, if a little windy.

Upton Heath

So what of the post title?

Well B stands for Blackbird. This one was in a tree up at Pinesprings.

Blackbird at Pinesprings

C is for Celandine, also up at Pinesprings.

Max in the celandines

And, of course, D is for Dog.

Here’s Jez up near the viewpoint.


And Max, getting a bit blown about (with Jez in the background).

Max, with Jez in the background

Later on, down at the pond, we met Ozzie the Deerhound.


Today he was happy to pose for me.

Ozzie posing for me

He’s such a lovely dog – but he’s huge!

As for Jez, well I’m pleased to report she seemed a lot better today. She is still walking quite awkwardly at times, but we know that slipped discs take a long time to heal so that’s not surprising. But she is much livelier and happier and didn’t seem so stiff today. Once we got home she was out playing in the back garden. Let’s hope she continues to improve.

A year ago today

New walking boots. They don’t look like that now!

New walking boots


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