Rain! Lots of Rain!

Friday 25th April 2014

I thought the forecast was for heavy showers. What I got has persistent rain. No way was Jez going out in this, so I took Max and walked him over Upton Heath. I think this photo, taken along the Roman Road, gives you an idea of what it was like.

Max in the stream on a rainy morning

I was dressed head to toe in waterproofs, but that didn’t make it any better. I took very few photos – the camera was getting soaked every time I took it out of it’s case. I did find these two little bracken shoots starting to unfurl beside the path though.

Double bubble

Walking across the lower heath Max took off to whatever had been occuping him for so long on Monday when we walked there. I followed him. And wished I hadn’t. It was the rotting remains of a deer carcase. When I say remains, what I really mean in the head and neck. It was gross! Max didn’t think so though, and I had to put him on the lead and drag him away.

We walked home via Creekmoor ponds where I cleaned Max off. We didn’t stay long though – this mother duck was most upset by our presence.

The rain isn't bothering this Mum and her duckling

Typically, by the time it came round to Chris’ walk in the afternoon the weather had cleared up. He took both Jez and Max out to Badbury Rings. He reported that Jez seemed to be quite a bit better and had been running around and playing with other dogs. Fingers are still crossed.

A year ago today

I was taking photos of birds in the garden, including this one of a cute little blue tit.

Blue Tit


2 thoughts on “Rain! Lots of Rain!

    • Some come out ok Lindsay, but they are not a patch on those taken by other local photographers that I follow on Flickr. But then they tend to have the right gear and no dogs!

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