Thank goodness it’s physio day

Thursday 24th April 2014

Since she aggravated her back a couple of weeks ago Jez has not been too good – very stiff and sore. She seemed to improve after last week’s physio for a day or two, then seemed to go downhill again. Today is physio day again, so fingers crossed…

That meant it was only Max and I walking over Canford Heath this morning, and even he’s been limping again, so we’re not throwing cones for him as we walk at the moment. Poor Max, he keeps looking round at me hopefully, but I’m sticking to my guns. It was a fairly cloudy morning with the promise of some sunshine. This was the view across the heath.

Vista across Canford Heath

When we got to the deeper pond I was happy to throw cones in it for Max as I thought it would do him more good than harm. As so often happens he failed to get the first cone I threw, so I had to throw another one near to it. He then retrieves both of them. The problem is he also expects you to go on throwing both cones, only going to retrieve them after you’ve thrown the second one. He’s a strange dog. I don’t know what goes on in his head!

Top Down

But eventually he brings them back.

It's more of a wade than a swim today

Actually, I’m not sure there was much swimming going on today. The water level in the pond has dropped slightly, so I think it was more of a deep wade than a swim. Never mind, it will still do him good.

And it was as peaceful there as it looks in that photo. Only later after we’d left the stream did I meet someone else (I’d seem a couple of people as we left the carpark but no-one after that). So as I stood there throwing Max’s cones the only sounds I could hear were the birds singing, Max’s breathing and the swoosh of the water as he moved through it. It was lovely.

At lunchtime I took Jez for her physio. Rachael thinks the problem is on her left side, mainly where the lats and triceps attach, meaning it is more a muscular problem than the disc in her back. That said, she has the problem because her back is still bad, meaning she throws her weight forward onto her front legs when she walks. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on top of it though and we’ll get her moving a little easier.

A year ago today

I was cleaning the patio. Funny how it was almost to the day from when I did it this year.

It's not been raining ... I've been cleaning the patio


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