It’s Monday so it must be Upton Heath

Monday 28th April 2014

Yes. It’s Monday. It’s bin day. So it’s time for Max, Jez and I to head off to Upton Heath for our morning walk. And, same as last week, I got Chris to drive us over there and then walked the dogs round the lower heath and back via Creekmoor Ponds to keep the route to a manageable length for Jezebel.

It was a bit of a grey start to the morning, with the occasional smattering of light rain. But it didn’t particularly bother us, and it certainly didn’t bother the cows who we met as we crossed the Roman Road and went through the gate onto the heath. Max and this cow don’t seem quite sure what to make of each other though.

Max and the cow aren't too sure about each other

Note Max’s tail stuck straight up there. He’s actually just finished jumping about barking at the poor cow.

Meanwhile this cow managed to get on eating it’s mid-morning snack in peace.

Time for a mid-morning snack

I love the eye markings on that cow. It looks as though it’s wearing eye liner. I’ll have to see if I can get a clearer shot of it someday.

Further on and the crab apple blossom looks as though it’s just about to start going over.

Crab Appple Blosson in the rain

As we walked around the lower heath I put the dogs on the lead to get them past the remains of the dead deer (which they clearly smelt). Shortly after that it came on to rain a bit heavier, so we sheltered under the trees by the stream along the Roman Road where we chatted with friends until the shower had passed.

And so back to Creekmoor Ponds, where the dogs had a swim and a paddle, and where I took this photo of one of the swans on their nest.

Swan on it's nest

It won’t be too long now before the eggs hatch.

A year ago today

Max was busy having a bath.

Max is all soaped up


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