Rhododendrons, Azaleas and, of course, the dogs

Wednesday 30th April 2014

First of all, today is my cousin Linda’s birthday, so a very happy birthday to her.

This morning I got up and, having looked at the photos of Max from yesterday, decided it was time to get the clippers out. So we were late going for our walk this morning. By the time we did get out he was looking a much smarter dog though.

Max looks smart after a trim

Those of you who are regulars here may realise from that photo that we went to Broadstone Recreation Ground for our walk this morning. It was threatening to rain and there’s quite a bit of tree cover there, plus I wanted to keep the length of Jez’s walk down. As it was we didn’t get any rain, and Jez took the opportunity to dash around on the wet playing fields like a mad thing.

This is a good time of year to go to Broadstone Rec as all of the rhododendrons and azaleas are out.

First an azalea. This one had a very big flower.


While this one is such a vibrant orange.


And then the rhododendrons. I love the delicate pink of this one.


Whilst this one is pure white.


There was also a camelia that hasn’t gone over yet.


Jez didn’t cope too badly with the walk. I took some video of her for her physiotherapist to see tomorrow. Here she is on the playing fields giving me one of her odd glances.

Who are you pointing that camera at?

And her happy smiling face (this one was taken for the physio to show how she sometimes stands with her back leg stuck out).


And lastly…

Show us your tongue!

Just look at that tongue!

A year ago today

Max and I were over Canford Heath. Apologies to those of you who think you’ve already seen this. I posted it in error yesterday having got confused over the date. So I’ve changed yesterday’s photo and am re-posting this one.

Canford Heath Panorama 4


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