Well that took a long time!

Saturday 3rd May 2014

I’m talking about our normal Saturday afternoon walk, whereby I drive to Upton Heath, we walk up the Roman Road (but taking a short diversion via Pinesprings nature reserve), out onto the heath and then back down across the heath to the car, stopping off at Max’s favourite point en route. The reason it took so long was down to Jez’s speed, or lack of it.

First of all it took us ages to get to Pinesprings, then when we got there Jez had to rest in the shade amongst the celandines.

The first of many rests

I took a photo with Max in it as well, but Max appears to have a tree growing out of his head.

Oh no! Max has got a tree growing out of his head!

Eventually I managed to get Jez as far as the heath.

Jez looks out over Upton Heath

We had been over an hour by this point (it should have taken us a maximum of 20 minutes), and I was thinking of phoning Chris and asking him to bring the car up to the Beacon Road entrance to the heath to collect Jez, when I realised I had the car. So we just had to take our time and make our way back down across the heath as planned. Max was very patient, provided I threw a stick for him.

Still waiting for Jez

Meanwhile Jez made herself comfortable and had another rest.

Time for a good stretch

We eventually managed to move on, and shortly afterwards I spotted a stonechat near the path.


Finally, after an hour and a half, we got to the viewpoint.

Jez on Upton Heath

At which point my camera battery died on me, so I’m afraid I don’t have any more photos. Oddly enough, from that point on Jez picked up speed, and we came down across the heath and back to the car in roughly 30 minutes, including the stop off at the pond and a short break to say hello of Ozzie the deerhound and his owner. I’m told that Ozzie now weighs 55kg (121 lbs). He’s got 6 months more growing to do yet!

A year ago today

No. It’s not the Med. It was a very low spring tide on a sunny day down at Poole Harbour.

Low Tide, Parkstone Bay


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