It was windy down at The Baiter

Friday 9th May 2014

Jez is definitely on the mend. She decided that she wanted to come for a walk with Max and I this morning. We went down to Poole Harbour (the Baiter and Whitecliff Park) where it was extremely blustery. Normally I get the ramp and set it up so the dogs can walk down it out of the car. Not this morning. I had the ramp, but as soon as I opened the boot both dogs leapt out. It was clear right from the start that Jez was feeling better, as she cantered around on the grass looking very pleased with herself. She did, occasionally, pause for breath though.

Jez at the Baiter

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but the local council now let a lot of the verges along the road, and other grassy areas, grow during the summer months to encourage wildlife. The Baiter is no exception, and the grass and the celandines are starting to flourish in the warm, damp weather.

View across the celandines and Poole Harbour

At the Whitecliff Park end of Parkstone Bay the grass is kept cut, however, as this end is a recreation ground and football / cricket pitch. We didn’t walk all the way to the end of Whitecliff Park today, as the tide was out and I knew Jez would want to wander round the beach towards Poole Quay when we got back to the Baiter. So we went as far as the steps, where Max chased his cone for a while and Jez, after a paddle, took in the view.

Jez on the sea wall

Up to this point the wind had been behind us, but as we headed back towards Poole we were walking into it, so it wasn’t particularly pleasant. At least these cyclists had it at their backs though.

Cycling along Poole Harbour

And as you can see, by then the sun had come out.

So as we got back to The Baiter Max and Jez headed back to the beach. Here Max is patiently waiting for me.


That is Brownsea Island in the background, by the way. And to prove how much better Jez is feeling, here she is playing in the waves by the Baiter slipway.

Jez enjoying the wavers

I was right about Jez wanting to walk along towards the Quay, by the way. And then, as we headed back to the car we met a young Rottweiller who made Jez so excited she had to race around for a minute or two. She’s definitely on the mend!

A year ago today

We met a man with a Harris Hawk at Upton Country Park.

Harris Hawk


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