Our wedding anniversary

Tuesday 13th May 2014

Today was our 32nd wedding anniversary. I had a card, some chocolates and a Pandora charm for my bracelet from Chris. I cooked an Indian meal for dinner for Chris’ anniversary treat: Butter Chicken, Peas & Potato curry, rice, & Naan bread (although I cheated & bought the Naan).

When it came to today’s walk only Max wanted to come out with me this morning, so we went for a bit longer walk over Canford Heath.

Canford Heath

As you can see, there were a lot of grey clouds around, although the view over Poole wasn’t too bad.

View over Poole from Canford Heath

After the recent rain there was still quite a lot of water lying around on the heath, which gave Max lots of cone throwing opportunities.

Another cone-throwing opportunity

We walked out to the old coach road, where I spotted these two trees that have arched together in the prevailing winds. I’d not noticed them before.


There was also a little clump of Greater Stitchworth growing alongside the track.

Greater Stitchwort

This is a tree I’ve photographed before, but it always looks good with the sun on it and an interesting sky behind it.


And you notice that big black cloud? Yes, you’ve guessed it – a few minutes later it dumped it’s contents on me!

A Year Ago Today

Max and I went down to Ham Common, where the weather was a bit better than it was today.

View across Poole Harbour from Ham Common


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