Sunshine and flowers at Badbury Rings

Wednesday 14th May 2014

As it was a lovely sunny morning and Jez was determined to snooze in the sun, I took Max to Badbury Rings for a walk. As usual, we walked out north of the Rings, round the back of The Oaks wood, back through King Down Farm, took a short detour through High Wood, and then walked back round the rings.

I found this pretty pink blossom on the path to The Oaks.


And in the shade there was lots of wild garlic growing.

Wild Garlic

This was the view out towards Hemsworth, north of the Rings.

View towards Hemsworth

Some of the rape is going over now, but this field was still in full flower.

Rape field

Here’s Max on the track through King Down Farm.

King Down Farm

And guess who found himself a puddle at the entrance to that field you can see in the background?

Max has found a puddle

This is the path leading up to High Wood and back to Badbury Rings. That man ahead of me shouted back that there was a wasps nest up ahead, so we hurried through that bit. The wasps still managed to follow us for quite a distance though.

Path to Badbury Rings

On the edge of High Wood there was this perfectly formed dandelion head.

Dandilion head

When I came to edit the photo though I spotted the insect in it, which I think looks very much like a tick. Good job Max stayed well clear of it!

Is that a tick in the dandelion head?

There were also a lot of lovely little blue Speedwells – such a pretty little flower.


As you may have guessed from the quality of the photos, I had the EOS 6D with me today. On the Rings I spotted one or two of the pretty little Heath Milkwort plants, so took the opportunity to get a better photo for you than I was able to get with the Powershot the other day.

Heath Milkwort

And last, but by no means least, given the time of year, I went hunting for the Early Purple Orchids that grow on the Rings.

Early Purple Orchid

I always think wild flowers are so pretty.

A year ago today

There was still blossom out at Broadstone Rec.



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