It’s been a bit of a strange day

Friday 16th May 2014

First of all, I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but we are booked to go on holiday to Cornwall on Monday (19th). So yesterday morning I noticed the engine warning light had come on in the car. I took it to the garage and it needed to go in for repair. Fortunately they were able to do it first thing this morning. So I got up, got Max in the back of the car (Jez still being fast asleep in bed) and drove to the garage. After dropping the car off I walked home with Max. We are fortunate that it was a lovely morning and our walk home takes us past Hatch Pond.

Hatch Pond

Which gave Max an ideal opportunity to have an early morning swim.

Max has an early morning swim in Hatch Pond

The pond is home to a lot of wildlife, including a bittern (which I’ve never seen), and lots of ducks, coots, moorhens and swans. This duck was sitting sunning itself as we walked by.

Mallard, Hatch Pond

After we got home I did some washing and started to weed the garden as the bird seed from my feeders is now growing at an alarming rate where it’s fallen onto the ground. The garage phoned at about 11am to say the car was ready, so I put Max and Jez (yes, she was up by then) on their leads and walked back to the garage. It was all a bit too hot for Jez, so she was really pleased when we got to Hatch Pond and could cool down.

Jez and Max cool down

When she was a bit cooler she took a keen interest in the pond.

Jez looks out over Hatch Pond

Max, meanwhile, took the opportunity to have another swim.

After that we picked up the car and drove home before going out again to do the grocery shoppoing. After lunch Chris and I set about the task of working out how to fix our new roof box onto the car. We need the roof box as the dogs take up all of our boot area, leaving us only the back seat for all of our gear and theirs (especially theirs!). Finally we succeeded.

The roof box is on the car

Then it was back to gardening for me and a short rest before cooking dinner.

I thought the day had been fairly tiring, but the worse was yet to come. At about 8pm my cousin phoned me to say she was with my 87 year old father who had fallen and had a suspected broken hip. Fortunately they took him to Poole Hospital, which is much more convenient than the Royal Bournemouth Hospital for me. So I headed down to A&E to wait for him. Once he arrived they confirmed his hip was broken and I stayed with him until they took him up and settled him onto a ward, which was just after midnight.

It looks as though our holiday may be in some doubt.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Canford Heath then I came home and took photographs of the flowers in my garden, like this one of the Brunerra macrophylla.

Brunerra macrophylla 'Jack Frost'


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