A grey morning on Upton Heath

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Before I start I’m going to apologise. Although I have been out and about and generally taking photos for this blog I have not had a chance to edit them or post them, due to running backwards and forwards to the hospital and them moving in with Dad to look after him for a bit. As a consequence, my recollection of what was going on on which day might be a bit hazy, and so these posts might be slightly less detailed than usual.

So, on Tuesday it was just Max and I who went for a walk on Canford Heath in the morning, and even he is limping quite a lot at the moment. As you can see from this shot looking towards Poole, it was a bit of a grey day.

View towards Poole

It had been raining and there were droplets of rain everywhere. Sadly you can’t see them on this rhododendron.

Rhododendron on Canford Heath

I’ve spotted lots of purple clover around recently. This patch is down by the Steeple Close entrance to the heath.

Purple Clover

Back at the hospital Dad continues to improve. The nurses tell me he is doing very well and is likely to be released sometime over the week-end or early next week, depending on what care can be put in place for him.

A year ago today

Puddles on Canford Heath

Another day, another puddle!


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