A very wet start

Friday 23rd May 2014

If anyone thinks they saw this post earlier and that I’ve changed it that’s right – I got all my dates, days and what I was doing muddled up. I’ve got it straight now though, so am re-writing this.

It was a really wet start to the day, and since Max has been limping badly I decided not to take him for a walk this morning. Instead I just went and did my grocery shopping at Waitrose. In the afternoon and evening I visited Dad in hospital, taking him out in the wheelchair again as by this time the weather had cleared up. We also went and had a cup of tea in the little cafe there. A change from all 4 walls of the hospital ward is certainly doing him good. The news this morning was that he will be discharged on Tuesday, which was the first day they could get a care team in place, so I let everyone know. Then when I arrived for visiting I saw a physiotherapist who said they could look after him from Sunday, so we opted for that. There will be a lot of rushing around now to make sure everything is ready. Jez and I am going to stay with him for a while to care for him, and Pat is going to stay with her son.

What with not walking and all the rushing around I didn’t get around to taking any photos today, and remembered during evening visiting. So I took another photo of the sun on Poole Harbour from the ward window.

Poole Harbour from Ward B4

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

A year ago today

I went to visit my Dad, where Jez made herself comfy on the sofa.

More comfortable still


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