Jez and I move to Highcliffe

Sunday 25th May 2014

Dad came out of hospital today. He was supposed to leave at 10.30am, so we packed the car up with mine and Jezebel’s things and headed over to his flat in Highcliffe. As we only have one car now the plan was for Chris to keep the car (so he drove us over) and for us to insure my Dad’s car for me to drive. Pat and her son were at the flat when we got there, although Greg soon left. Pat stayed to see Eric, but she is having to move in with her son temporarily as Dad is no longer able to care for her. In the end the hospital transport never arrived for Dad until 1.15pm, so he did not get home until just after 2pm. He managed to negotiate the steps from the car park and the step into the flat on his own, though, which was good. Chris and I left him and Pat to have a chat for a while, then Chris loaded up the car with Pat’s luggage and took her to her son’s before he and Max went on home.

Dad was very tired, so late afternoon I left him to snooze and took Jez to Nea Meadows, the local nature reserve we visit sometimes.

Nea Meadows Pond

As well as the pond there is an open grassy area that the dogs can run around in. Here Jez is walking along with another lady and her dog.

Walking in Nea Meadows

In the grounds of Nea Meadows is an old cedar tree. Dad and I noticed a few months ago that it had been cut right back after the storms. Today I saw there was a notice saying it had root fungal root and that the council had been monitoring it for several years. This year, after a large branch came down they decided to cut back all the top branches, leaving it looking a little bare.

Cedar in Nea Meadows, Highcliffe

Also in the grounds is a bowls club. Today the green was looking particularly splendid in the late afternoon sunllight.

Nea Meadows Bowling Club

Dad wasn’t late to bed tonight, as was to be expected. Although I’d bought Jez’s bed she decided to ignore it and sleep on the sofa instead.

A year ago today

We went over Upton Heath, where I took this rather nice photo of the little Heath Milkwort.

Heath Milkwort


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